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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Great Spirit Prayer Guiding the Changing Worlds!

Great Spirit, Great Spirit, My Grandfather,

All over the earth the faces of living things are all alike. . .

Look upon these faces of children without number

And with children in their arms,
That they may face the winds and

Walk the good road to the day of quiet. . .

There is no death. . .
Only a change of worlds. . .
Only a change of worlds.

Namaste Beloved Southern Season (requested a prayer for one passing over to the other side),
Thank you for letting us know. I send my love and blessings. (This is the) Great Spirit Prayer.

On the other side
I fully live each stage of my life, accepting it totally. A difficulty creates a bridge towards a better understanding and an inner peace. I stay receptive, moment to moment, always holding on to my faith. I know that the Light is always there, on the other side.

I love you all. I bless the Sacred Nine Directions, I bless myself, I bless the world, I bless you all
Aho, may your spirit fly!

Running Deer, your Magic Heart of Belief
Aqua person, River Ignites
Rainbow Warrior of Prophecy
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Image: The figure watching the moon sings a chant to honor the moon and it's power.  Her ancestral sisters, now a part of the earth, sing with her.

From the book Eating for Immortality, Living with Spirit.

They say that the people here are magic. They say that the people here have magic in their eyes. 

Look into their eyes and you will see the light of love shining. There's a word that the people say here. 

A word that reminds you of some distant time ago. A time many years ago when magic was a way. 

A way of life.  

Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy


Leap and holler, make yourself known, because this world, needs all hearts to fulfill.  Create happiness, in all that you do, because my heart is full, of fabulous views.  Come and hold each other, next to destiny.  Let us be relatives, heaven inside the breeze.  Help me bless each other, all in our family. Let us believe in each other, to bring us company.  Gather and let us hear your sing. Gather and run into a dream.  Gather and find, that it's time to blow your mind, because the sky does fulfill, the most and the real, bringing hope to all of mankind!


Point to your Heart...Welcome Brothers and Sisters!