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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Heavenly and Earthly Name Interpretation for Running Deer, our Magical Heart of Belief

Running Deer, our Magical Heart of Belief
Heavenly and Earthly Name Interpretation, by White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother. This is her song.

Call me summer in the sun, welcome all abundance run. Gift a hand and give some fun, we are here having some fun. Go on in the world of rows, watch the corn, miraculously grow. Seek the brothers, desire some wit, because we need to sit, communicate and share with, the heart of man, his clan, his plans, come and be a heart of a tree. Come and feel, the knoll inside of me. I'm a soul, watching waiting to be free. Look on up, call the ghost. Tell the soldiers, we are lost host (without kingship lineage, now all to change, to royal blue). But if we did pray and share the solemn day, then we could find hardships, that lead us the right way.  We could be warriors who bless this day.  We could be children, who decide to play. We could be magic upon this vine. God fill me up, let me shine. They call me "Running Deer", Can't you see, my heart knows no fear, with my majesty. Give me a calling, in the breeze, because my heart, is in such need (to hear your voice). Let us walk into the tall grass. Let us feel, and farm (hearts) the real to last. Bring in souls, where we do shine. Let us grow, out towards the minds (halls of consciousness).  We belong to hearts you and me. Carry me forth for all to sea.  My heart will glow, just follow me, I'm on a migration trail to bee. I am a dream. Can't you sea, the glory to this dream.  Let me unfold. I am a dream, show God in this glory, the truth of my soul, the wave of the bold.  

They call me "Magic Heart of Belief", because I'm always kicking up the sleet, saying it's gold, when we bless this day, let us open our hearts and pray.  God help us migrate home to you, where paradise, is the heart of the blue.  Bring me closer, to the heart that's near. Bring in souls, that will bare.  Magic mountains fly in the night, but in the day, oh shine so bright.  Give me souls, to transverse this way, to give our hearts and souls away.  I'm finally home with you, my relative true. I'm finally home, closer to you. Come and hold my hand, my Mother Deer. Come hold my hand, Father without fear.  Give me a hope, to linger forth, to transverse, the heart of course. You give us all a harpoon inside, knowing we can all reach that hide (clan) (vision: from inside the whale, you throw the harpoon out, to catch a ride, to get outside, upon the shore, where it is divide, over the horizon, to other realms, find our way and migrate home).  I love you deers, my soul, without fear.  You come to be, near the soul, who keeps, the migrations call alive in me.  I go to the furthest galaxy. I come home to you. 

Heavenly Mission During this Life Time, Heavenly Name: Running Deer

Running:  One who runs is one who enters paradise under the sun. Over rolling hills, waves of light gift our fill.  Flow into the valleys, where trees and streams begin. Bless the heavenly darkness, for providing everything. The Running gives us a place to be free, to feel the wind across your face.  I have often talked with runners, who feel like floating on a cloud.  While running, their bodies become the oxygen generator (mitochondria), during these times and is extremely efficient. Runners were used in delivering messages throughout the ages. When we reach a speed so great, we feel like we fly in the air.  This the Deer do show us how to flow. And in packs, it's a dance in motion, a song for music, as the notes fly by.  Running gifts us the natural rhythm of life, like when we know a tune and can sing it freely. We feel on top of a cloud, heaven abounds!

The act of running, racing, managing, proceeding. Condition of a track, running or not. Flows. Amount/quantity runs.  Cursive said of handwriting (from one to another flowing), melting liquid or fluid. Creeping or climbing (plants). In straight line, running foot. Going, machinery. Going on, continuous. Prevalent, cost, operation. Concurent, simulataneous. Moving easily or smoothly. Slipping and sliding, running start. Pulled, rope, pulley.

Deer/dear: The journey of life. Those with deer names are always in the foremost of this journey, always leading others, with examples of Godly behavior. And we must create fields of dreams to lead the path for us to follow. Deers play in the fields where grass grows, and trees show, their many colors in the wind. Each of us are part of this universe.  Each of us are deer/dear.  Each are treasured. Each are part of the heart.  Those who carry this name are regarded as those who remember this journey in life.  For all of us, we are deers flying in the wind.  But those who carry this heavenly name, they show us how it's done. Reaching for the spirit that moves free, in the meadows, with the blue sky. Heaven comes to greet our hearts. This journey, to unite heavenly soul with earthly flesh, is united to feel free to dream. Our hearts feel open, to soar once more.

Old english, deore, precious, costly, beloved.  Much loved, valued, highly thought of esteemed, used with a title as a polite form of address through communication, earnst, fervent, deep affection. Endearing, gentle arousal of affection or gratitude. Surprised reaction, interjection! Old english, deor. Other forms ie; dhewes/ewe/female lamb of god, heaven's clan, dheus/doe's. Wild animal, akin to tier, to step up. To stir up, blow, breathe, for sense of development. Family of hooved, cud chewing animals. Bear antlers of males shed annually. Beast, any animal.

Tools of Light, our four rainbow colors (aqua, magenta, green, gray no rainbow color interpretation included here), Earthly Name:  Magical Heart of Belief

Magical: Real magic changes dreams, where illusions become reality. Magic is the healing arts, where clowns performs acts to create smiles and joy for all believing and holding onto faith, which makes dreams come true.

Magic often refers to use of charms, spells and rituals, in seeking and causing or control events or govern certain natural or supernaturalforces; often referred to sorcery or witch craft. However, these forms of spiritual faith, just like all religious forms, are seeking beneficial results from their actions.  But in God's world, there is heaven and there is earth.  Heaven is darkness (numinosity) and Earth is lightness (luminosity). All we can really do is bless, with fire for the light and bless the water for the dark.  And with other forces, we bless, that connect to our hearts, to open them up fully. When we use any art, regardless if it's Witchcraft, Christianity, Paganism, Islam etc., we find an exclusion, which causes unhappiness and friction.  But all these beliefs share a common bond, the acts of purification rituals through fire and water. These are the simple tools, that we use to cleanse our physical and spiritual space.  To unravel all mysteries, one must understand the simplicity of the blue road of heaven and the red road of earth. We cannot govern any force, without the use of loving intentions, to know Godly behavior. If our intention is to harm others, then we do not follow the laws set forth from our Heavenly Father, then it will be our Earthly Mother, that will make you learn to bow down and bless, with misfortune within your life.  Tears that flow, will always know, the heart needs feel again. These are waves of love, like a rebirth to your soul. There is only one law, and it's love.  We are bonded to creation to this law and it's on the Red Road, that continues farther and further across the heavenly Blue Road. Together, heaven and earth is born. WE cannot govern laws of the universe, but each of us have gifts from this universe. Our powers are our tools of light, in rainbow colors. Each carry to live up towards the living light within, the soul that is seeking to begin. Each lesson, can only be overcome, when love is used, then we personally evolve. This is the perfect nature of the universe.  We experience a journey.

WE carry magic in our hearts, where love is always part, to stand upon this world, over waves of light, we loom. We are a fabric of life, in time, where God is here to be sublime. And when you look upon your soul, you will find, a voice that shines. Bring me home and make me find, the song I need, to shed relief.  I am a soul that binds to love, that's all I got, to armor my soul. I know that's the rule, I must live up towards, because that's the way to live in a sacred storm.  And when it's good, I'm feeling fine, but when it's bad, I must look for love.  And I will learn, who to believe in all love that earns, to better ones life, in the heart.  And when we share with everyone, then magic is truly born, where freedom is known, right under the sun, bringing in rainbows. Let us all flow!

And mysterious, inexplicable, extraordinary power or influence. The art of performing skill of producing baffling effects or illusions, by slight of hand (not true magic, true magic is believing), concealed apparatus, etc. Of, produced by, used in or using magic. Producing extraordinary results as if my magic or super natural means. General terms, producing arts of marvelous effects by supernatural oroccult power and is figuratively applied to any extraordinary, seemingly explicable power. Charms are used. Possession of supernatual power. Womanly wiles. Remarkable skill, cleverness, etc.

Heart: The heart is where the blue road begins or ends, because the circle of life is always flowing, we are somewhere on this circle of know, where we go and how to blow wind upon our face, to feel love again in grace. There is hope beyond, all others who assist in strife, it's time for us to have a perfect life. Walking the blue roads, means we share the heart.  These are stories that gift us knowledge to each other's part (point of view).  Oneness stands upon the heart of perfect man, one who blesses always, putting tears upon the soil to pray. Rainbows do shine, when we offer our smile, rain and hope another day, it's abundance here at play.

Heaven is always darkness, often felt as black, where the stars do shine. However it's extremely dark blue, that shines and reflects light, offering us all to shine/blind/alightfromwithin (sometimes too bright, cannot see, sometimes too dark can't see). Auras and balls of light, these are forms of radiation of light and darkness.  But what happens, all the lights around collide, and auras are not often the truth, but more like a highway of information.  It is for this reason, crystal persons are here, to assist with this. Ask for your rainbow colors and your tools of light, from whitebuffalocalfwoman@gmail.com. WE call heaven the blue road, because when objects are close to one another, there is a gravitational pull, where the rainbow colors try to align up. These colors are not often known by us, because this is part of the heavenly state of knowledge and our evolution. Everything we unknowingly align up with in the Rainbow Colors, assist our path, towards achieving our goals.  When each of us take our place and lift our souls. Our souls journey continually over time (life after life in new flesh, descending in heaven).  Our flesh journey continually over time, in our children and ancestry only.  There knowledge is left behind in your genes, cells of knowledge. WE only occupy this flesh world, to meet the needs of your soul. We leave behind a treasure to your children, when you clean your spiritual life and purify your heart, to have a child to be born later, who will receive your lineage. But our souls, they always journey eternally.  We are able to live forever.  Our souls continue on the blue road of heaven, with relatives.  Tools of light are gifted by your God, when you have reached your evolutionary path cycle, just like seasons, clockwork, time!

They (relatives true) always bring us home towards the heart.  This is why love is always known by all persons in the world, because we share this heart. We know they are relatives, because I could very well have your body, your family in the flesh. "I must be at my very best.". When we recognize our strangers as relatives of stars, then we start to act more brotherly. And with our tools of light, we can accomplish feats of unparallel, we can then act sisterly, that chides along.  We shall simply be greatness, in a dream, a story that came alive. It's our interpretation of heaven, that comes home to us now in evolution.  Heaven is my sister.  Earth is my brother. I shall be forever, in debt to all corners.  A heart gives and takes, receives the hearts of others, to know the blue road is real, the law of love that stills. And when we rise up from our sin, we become mighty than any wind.  Come greet your heart, come nearer, to your part, lift up our voices and sing.  For heaven is coming home again!

The blue represents the road of heaven, this is our heart.  And it also represents the tree of life. Leaves on the tree are like relatives. We use flow charts to get an idea of our heritage.  And the roots, they are where tears are caught, like rain from a cloud, the storm, just left behind.  Now the rainbow appears, our hearts are very near. The tree of life, leaves relatives, roots rain showers bloom, and the wind goes zoom.  Feeling all inside, it's time to ride the waves of the wind.  Let our souls run free, inside of heaven's breeze, where all relatives loom, hiding somewhere in heaven's arms.  Blessings offer us protection. Demanding blessings, helps one bow for the Rainbow.  And only when we follow the law of love, clearing your own space, the winds of heavens, where spirits hide, then we can learn to have a pure life. 

Hollow, hallow, muscular organ in an invertebrate animal, with blood, receives via veins and pumps to the arteries by alternate dialation and contraction. The part of human body thought of containing the heart, breasts, bossom. Any place or part, like a heart, in that it is near the center. Central core.  Intermost part/place. Central vital or main part. Real meaning, the heart of the matter. Essence core. Human heart considered center of emotions, personality, attributes, etc.  Heart envelope, Heart constrictor dialates blood flow, blood pressure. Source of emotions or feelings, contrasted with the head or source of intellect. Emotional nature, disposition. Various humane feeling, love, devotion, sympathy.  Mood, feeling. Spirit, resolution or courage, for example to lose heart. One loved or admired, like my heart, for example a valiant heart. Heart shaped. Conventionalized design or representation of a heart.

Of: Part of the Rainbow Clan. Part of the whole. Part of something. Linked to. Specific. Derived or coming from. As relates to. Resutling from. Caused by. Through. At a distance from. Apart from. Proceeding from. Deprived, relieved or separated from. From the whole, total number. Constituting. Made from. Using. Belonging to. Having, possessing. Containing. That is, having designation, specified as.  As a kind of. With, something specified, object or goal. Distinguishing quality or attribute. Characterized by "a man of honor".  With reference to, concerning, about. Set aside for, dedicated to, during, time.  Before, regarding time. By. Of is also used of idiomatic expressions, of course.

Belief: To believe, this is the dream. When we have faith, even without proof, we can soar higher. Like children who are fearless, follow their dreams undauntedly.  We cannot scathe (to harm especially by fire) a house, where dreams soar. Because regardless of the lesson, the bow is known, then all can be turned into treasures from God.

"What ever the course of our lives, we should recieve them as the highest gift from the hand of God, in which equally reposed the power to do nothing whatever for us. Indeed, we should accept misfortune not only in thanks, but in infinite gratitude to Providence, which by such means detaches us from an excessive love for Earthly things and elevates our minds to the celestial and divine." — Galileo Galilei

It's important to realize that all we are is our beliefs. This is what generates our position within the universe. And as we encompass our divine presence within the natural forces of God, then we can open our hearts to believe in dreams. And start to create them in our reality. Be kind to one another, is not always easy to do, when heartaches appear.  This shows us the importance of having others who walk and talk with us, to hold us up, when we are down. And to lift us up, to a spiritual elevation to believe in our dreams. WE hold the heart of others, and this brings wisdom to the heavenly process, where all is possible in dreams.  Believing is our way to succeed. Having faith propels us towards others.

The state of believing, conviction or acceptance of true and real (even if it's not). Faith (believe), spiritual faith. Trust or confidence.  Anything or believed or accepted as true. Opinion, expectation, judgment. Term of broadest application, implies mental acceptance as true, even though absolute certainty maybe absent. Faith, complete unquestioning acceptance, even in the absence of truth, esp. not supported by reason. Trust inplies assurance, often intuitive, reliable someone or something. Confidence, also suggest such assurance, esp. when based on reason or evidence. Creedance suggest mere mental acceptance of anything that has no solid basis in fact.

"No ones wrong or right, its about sharing information, validate instead of hate. Wouldn't you rather validate and love, rather than hate?  It's about sharing, unity.  Fight to define the embrace and it's action to get to hearts together, either with purification rituals or sending love and prayers. Be aware, do not bless light, without blessing darkness. We are not opposeing. WE are uniting. No wrong or right, only alleviation of plight, sharing. Heavenly law, the law of love, the spiritual embrace is known, dreaming. Then we can sown, building castles in the sky (creation)", inspired by Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star, your Father Red Hand.

Leap and holler, make yourself known, because this world, needs all hearts to fulfill.  Create happiness, in all that you do, because my heart is full, of fabulous views.  Come and hold each other, next to destiny.  Let us be relatives, heaven inside the breeze.  Help me bless each other, all in our family. Let us believe in each other, to bring us company.  Gather and let us hear your sing. Gather and run into a dream.  Gather and find, that it's time to blow your mind, because the sky does fulfill, the most and the real, bringing hope to all of mankind!

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